Oh, y’all, it’s shameful what having a kid does to your ability to commemorate events you thought you’d never in a million trillion years forget.  I often forget I have to pee, so it should come as no surprise that I sort of… forgot my own wedding anniversary.  Well, I didn’t exactly forget- no, forget is the wrong word.  I remembered, and I even got J a gift I’m pretty sure she’s happy with, and she sent me flowers, so forget is clearly the wrong word.  It just wasn’t celebrated with the… fanfare I’d always imagined my wedding anniversaries would be marked with.  I mean, seriously- I couldn’t pull it together enough to write a BLOG POST about it until… uh, 14 days later.  We didn’t go out to dinner, we didn’t get a babysitter, we didn’t even exchange our gifts on the correct day.  Which is bullshit, frankly.  Marrying J is probably the smartest thing I’ve ever done- a more concerted effort to put a little magic into the day should be on my permanent to-do list (in my defense, it was on a TUESDAY this year).

So, consider this my belated anniversary gift- J, I love you so very very much.

If you had told me, back when we first got together, that 5 years down the road I’d be a suburban housewife with a mortgage and multi-ride pass to the carousel at the fucking MALL, I don’t even think I’d have been able to laugh at you, so flabbergasted would I have been to hear you even suggest such a thing.

But I am.  I am your suburban housewife, and I take our kid to the mall to ride the carousel, and when you get home from work I tell you about Yo Gabba Gabba, and you listen, even though there is no way that shit is interesting.  You cook and I do the dishes.  You make the money, and I pay the bills.  You get up at an ungodly hour so that you can come home early, and I stuff diapers during nap time so you can play with the kid when you do.

We argue more than we used to, mostly because I can’t keep my temper, but I am never afraid.  I’ve tied my entire life to yours, and I thought that would be terrifying, but it’s not.  I’ll follow you wherever you take me.  I’ll remember all the promises I made to you on our wedding day and I will do my best to honor them. I’ll wash the dishes if you cook.

If I forget to tell you, like I know I will, know this: You are the best friend a woman could have.  I love you.