Y’all, Olivia is EIGHT MONTHS OLD.  If you want to skip over all the words I am going to throw at you, here is the TL; DR version: babies should come out of the womb as eight month olds.

Seriously, eight months is delightful.  The first glimpses of actual personality, noticeable likes and dislikes, and some growing independence make this particular eight month old baby a surprising pleasure.  I mean for me.  I am surprised EVERY TIME I find myself enjoying motherhood, mostly because those first six months were… well, they weren’t enjoyable.  They were hard, and the reward wasn’t as obvious, and I had more than my fair share of moments wherein I thought I had really and truly ruined my life, and OF COURSE, this made me feel like a really, really small and despicable person, and then I felt stupid too, because I WANTED this, and went through PROCEDURES to get it, and also paid MONEY for it.

Bah, enough whining.  At eight months, Olivia weighs an even 20 pounds, and is probably somewhere around 28 inches tall (she was 27 inches at six months, and she sure seems longer to me).  Her hair looks blond at home, but in direct sunlight it shines copper- I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up a red-head.  Her eyes are blue, and I am 99% sure they will stay that way, although I have heard somewhere reputable (cough *twitter* cough) that they could still change between now and her second birthday.

She can ALL OUT crawl- on her hands and knees, like some sort of real baby, and she figured out last week how to get back into a sitting position once she’s done crawling to her final destination (nine times out of ten, this destination happens to be an electrical outlet). Before, she’d just sort of flounder around on her belly until I sat her back up, and then one morning, I looked over at her, and she was sitting in a different place than where I’d left her.  SITTING.  Wha??  She spent the rest of the day practicing- crawl two paces, sit.  Crawl two more paces, sit.  Crawl in the other direction, sit.  Satisfied that she’d mastered that skill, she’s moved on to pulling up on whatever she can find- the ottoman, the chair leg, my neck.

I’m gonna post pictures, don’t you worry, but can I ASIDE at you for a moment?  Part of why it takes me so damn long to get a post together, ESPECIALLY one with pictures, is that they’re all on my phone.  Which means I have to get them off my phone and onto my computer, which means I have to boot up our external drive where iPhoto is, and then I have to actually USE iPhoto, which is the most asinine piece of software ever invented.




Too Fast To Capture




Mouth as Third Hand


Almost There



She eats like a champion and sleeps through the night (I’m not afraid to say it- she’s been doing it for over a month now, and even our week of traveling and a couple different cribs didn’t seem to faze her).  She laughs with her whole face- her mouth is wide open, her two little teeth peeking out, and her nose and eyes crinkle until they’re almost shut (this is my laugh.  On her it’s ADORABLE.  I’m rethinking how I feel about it on myself.  How can I like something on her and hate it on myself if it’s the SAME THING?).

She doesn’t like it if it she can’t see me (this is a new development), and I know it’s wrong to like this phase but I do.  I think this is probably something stay at home moms struggle with (I am of the Temerity Jane school of thought- I am not so special that I could possibly be the ONLY ONE feeling them)- when J gets home from the office, Olivia LIGHTS UP like a chandelier, and I feel like I never see her do that for me.  She sees my ugly mug ALL DAY LONG, and I thought perhaps I was part of the furniture for her (ok, fine.  While we’re being honest, I’ll admit that this is most likely part of my VAST insecurity when it comes to this mothering thing- does she even like me at all?), so to have her so visibly WANT me strokes my ego in non-insignificant ways.

She’s curious and eager to explore, even though it takes her about 10 minutes to acclimate to any particular situation.  We shuttled her all over Kitsap Peninsula last week, meeting her grandmother’s friends and coworkers, and then all over Seattle over the weekend, meeting our friends and their kids, and she charmed the pants off everyone, after surveying the situation from our arms.


Checking Out a Homemade Baby Rocking Chair


She’s ticklish on her ribs, and she likes it when I kiss her neck over and over and over again.  She thinks peek-a-boo is the most insane fun game, but her second favorite is OFF-ON, where one of us flips the light off and on while over-enunciating: OOOOOFF!  OOOOON!


Playing OFF ON On The Plane



J’s been away on business this week, and I have had her all to myself- I was TERRIFIED before J left- what if I lose all patience?  What if something terrible happens?  What if I can’t do it?  What if I actually go INSANE?   It’s been the complete opposite- I have LOVED every minute of it.



Keep it up, Livi Girl.