I suppose, since the baby has fussed herself to sleep (when the blue fuck does that end?  I would LOVE for her to lay down and just GO TO SLEEP ALREADY, instead of spending ten minutes acting like I dropped her from a giant height into a pit of molten lava) and I have consumed a giant chai latte (thereby caffeinating myself to the gills and preventing a co-nap), that I should join in the fun of recapping my weekend in Arizona.

First off, I took no pictures.  For me, this is generally a sign that things were super fun awesome, and my memory is pretty good, so no need to immortalize things in pixels.  And generally I was too engrossed in whatever conversation I was having to stop and whip out the camera phone (which is all I had with me).

Second, OH MY LORD, have I missed having in-person girlfriends (not girlfriends like J is my girlfriend, but GIRL FRIENDS, like the kind you gabbed to on the phone for hours when you were younger [what up, Alison Valenti]).  I had a pretty solid group of girlfriends in Seattle (what up, cookbook club), but since moving here, I haven’t been able to recreate that locally, and while I have met some new moms that certainly have the POTENTIAL to become really good girl friends, nothing has really developed just yet.  Twitter, on the other hand, has provided me with a wealth of online girl friends, and the opportunity to meet them all was EXACTLY what I needed.

I don’t even know what to tell you all about it- I picked Diane up at the airport (after a rather hilariously embarrassing inability on both our parts to determine what terminal we were in.  Hot tip- when arriving in Phoenix, have the person meeting you join you at the rental car place.  IT’S WAY EASIER THAT WAY), and we drove to Kelly’s house, and it seemed like we just picked up whatever conversation we’d been having over Twitter right up while in person, except we got to use WAY MORE than 140 characters.

The entire weekend worked pretty much like that- someone would arrive, and I’d piece together a face and a Twitter handle, and then we’d be talking about boobs or chicken or running into trees or whatever else occurred to us, and it was JUST LIKE a slumber party weekend, only without anyone freezing your bra (I didn’t even BRING a bra).   Seriously- I’d look around, and there would be three or four little groups with different conversations happening.  I’d get up to refill my soda and grab yet another handful of Starbursts, and then go sit with a different group than the one I’d just left, and simply fall right into the swing of that conversation too.  I didn’t even KNOW I needed that sort of thing until I was eating an ice cream sundae while sitting on the floor, thinking to myself, “Ahhh, now THIS is what’s been missing.”

So, you’re all moving to Long Beach, yes?

Surprisingly, I didn’t spend as much time mooning over being without Olivia, until late Friday night when Jess and Erin arrived with their little ones, and then I wept like a lovesick school girl.  But then Callum started flirting with me (SHUT UP, HE WAS), and everything righted itself.   The little preview into what my life will be like in a few short months- Lorelai whispering “AT” and Callum wobbling around the kitchen- was pretty awesome (mostly because both Jess and Erin appeared to be totally sane and happy, so… maybe this baby thing WON’T kill me after all) as well.

I didn’t get to talk to everyone I wanted to, and I didn’t get to talk to those I did talk to long enough, so my apologies all around. But since you’re all moving to Long Beach (we covered this, right?), we will surely get to talk more and you can all come over and sit in MY living room.  But, uh, you’ll have to be content with the couch, as I do not have a bed that can just APPEAR in the middle of the living room floor.

And that’s the shittiest recap of the weekend you’ll ever read.