Y’all, I said I’d get this post done over the weekend, but then the weather turned gorgeous, our washing machine started backing up into our tub, and we decided to go to IKEA.  So, you know.  Sitting down at the computer took a back seat to long walks through the neighborhood, not showering, and buying a tiny plastic high-chair (of the non-recalled variety).

But enough excuses.  Olivia turned six months old last Friday:

That’s not a picture of her turning six months, it’s a picture of her in her Christmas dress, which she wore for approximately 30 minutes on Christmas Eve.  The original outfit also involved a wee silver cardigan, a white hair bow, and some white tights I accidentally dyed pink by washing them with the party dress.  Olivia gladly ditched that get-up for some nice pajamas.

That’s Olivia meeting her new best friend, a stuffed Curious George she has since drowned in a vat of saliva.  He seems not to mind.

She’s starting to turn into a real little person- we’re a million miles from the little lump we brought home from the hospital.


food- in all forms (formula, breast milk, purees, solids- notable mention goes to bananas, which she goes… bananas for [I’m sorry!  I couldn’t help myself]).  She particularly likes to feed herself- she’ll eat purees if you hand her the spoon, and no other way.  The mesh feeder is a hit as well, and spears of cucumber she can suck down to oblivion.

J- her whole face lights up when she walks in the door, no matter how crabby she’s been in the milliseconds leading up to her arrival.

The stupid songs we sing her- her favorite is one called “fleece pajamas” and it’s a real winner of a song.  Chart topper, no doubt.

Bath time- one of us gets in with her, and she wiggles with excitement when she sees the water. She’s also partial to getting dried with the blow dryer, and doesn’t mind it when I blow it straight into her face.  She’s probably going to be a super model.

Standing- she’d probably be happy to have one of us hold her in a standing position for the entire day, especially when there are interesting things on the ottoman she’s resting against.  My phone and the remote in particular.


The changing station: when she was a wee thing, this was her favorite place in the entire world.  She’d stare at her mobile, or whatever it is that babies do when they’re happy.  Now she cries the moment we lay her down, and engages in vigorous acrobatic contortions in an effort to be anywhere but there.

Sleeping: at least in long stretches.  Although, to her credit, there were two nights last week where she only woke up once (ONCE.  ONE TIME. JUST THE ONE TIME.  ONCE) and it was glorious.  I was a better person for it, and I didn’t even THINK about mentioning it to the internet, for fear of jinxing it, but she stopped anyways.

She sits happily in a high chair, and I’ve learned to bring her food of her own, so I have a fighting chance at eating mine.  Even though she still hates riding in the car, she’s pretty happy once we park and get her out.

The last time I wrote, I think she was rolling over, but now she refuses to stay on her back, ever.  Put her down, and she’s on her belly, and as of her actual half-birthday, she’s on the move.  It’s not pretty, and I’m constantly afraid she’s going to bonk her head really really hard, but she can move with intention in the forward direction.  She does something that looks sort of like the worm, although today I turned my head for ONE SECOND and when I came back she was in a full plank.  She’s starting to figure out how to get her knees under her, and her inability to get it thus far causes her NO END of frustration. Does it get better once she figures it out?

She’s so sickeningly adorable, I’m sometimes shocked she’s mine.