Y’all, thanks so much for everything.  For commiserating and kvetching, for listening and laughing, and for shoring me up when I thought I was alone.

I don’t think it’s necessary for me to do a 2011 wrap up post, mostly because then I’d just have to spend a shit ton of time linking back to my own entries, and that is a lot of work.  I’d rather be napping, not gonna lie.  And besides, y’all already know what happened to me in 2011- I had a damn baby, and the whole world went topsy turvy.

So instead I’ll give you and end of the year update, and shoot for a less maudlin and woe-is-me post than the one that precedes this.

J and I spent a quiet Christmas at home after a lively Christmas Eve at my sister-in-law’s house, where Olivia made out like a BANDIT- showered in gifts from her cousins and her grandmother.  I think she enjoyed it- who doesn’t love being the center of attention?  She got a boxed set of Curious George items, including a stuffed toy she could see under the clear plastic top- I’ve never seen her try and get at something so enthusiastically.  Curious George has since been coated in a generous layer of saliva, which I think means she likes him.

As always, just under the wire, I’ll be making latkes tonight, and remembering to light the candles.  I’ll probably light them all, even though Hanukkah extends another day, but the menorah is so pretty all lit up.  And let’s be honest.  Me, getting to the candles, two nights in a row?  You must be kidding.

I don’t think we have any New Year’s plans- as it is, the probability that Olivia will wake us at the stroke of midnight is rather high, so we’ll most likely get to see the change over live and in person.

Otherwise, life continues apace, both horrifyingly slowly and lightening quick. Everything seems like it has two faces these days- Olivia will turn six months old in early January, making her both old enough for all sorts of things, while still being the littlest of babies.  I don’t think I really knew the meaning of the word “bittersweet” until I became a mother.

I’m pretty excited to see what 2012 brings.