I know, I know… the posting has been sparse around here.  But even I can pull myself together enough to mark the occasion of Olivia’s first month on the outside.  Time has a way of being both molasses-slow and Flo-Jo quick- she’s been here a WHOLE MONTH, but I still have NO IDEA what I am doing. She’s changed my whole life, mostly in ways I couldn’t or didn’t anticipate.

I can’t seem to string together any coherent thoughts about it, so let’s look at some pictures, shall we?

Minutes Old



Two Days





Three Weeks


One Month

Basically, I’m gonna go ahead and give myself a giant pat on the back, because she’s still ALIVE.  I’m also going to have to take some time to thank some people, without whom I never would have survived.  Obviously J, holding my hand through grocery store panic attacks in the early weeks, and making sure there was food to put in my face.  My mom, for listening, and calling, and checking in, and my sister-in-law, for living close enough to come over on our first night home and give us some practical advice.  And even though it’s the cheesiest thing you’ve ever heard, a whole host of people I’ve never met in person- both here on the blog and on Twitter.  You’ve given me advice, support, and a good laugh when I needed it.  No one tells you the internet can hold your hand too.