Y’all- I know, I know.  I just looked at my stats, and clearly y’all are waiting to see a little something of my new bundle.  I have a clusterbomb of a birth story to write, but I am fairly sure that right now, I can just get away with some baby pics.

Meeting Mama for the first time


Weigh-In: 8 pounds, 8 oz


Fashion by Penny


Check Out My Face


As you can tell by the first pic, Olivia was delivered by c-section at 1:01pm on Wednesday, July 6th.  If you’ve been reading for a while, this is not exactly how J and I had planned for things to go, but then again, we hadn’t planned on being pregnant for an extra 15 days either, so round one goes to Olivia (and all subsequent rounds as well, I’m sure).

She is healthy, alert, and eating like a champion.  At four days old, she’s almost back to birth weight, and her first pediatrician visit went off without a hitch.  Those are the basics, and I swear, eventually, I will be back to writing “fuck” or some variation every other sentence.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this story: you might remember that J and I decided not to find out her sex until delivery, and given how sideways everything went, we asked the OB if perhaps he could let J tell me what the baby was (I know, it’s dumb, and who the fuck cares who tells you, but we’d lost all control by this point, so just being able to pick THIS was important).  At the crucial moment, the doc shows J the baby, who looks at me and says:

It’s a girl!  Wait… that’s a girl, right?  I’m pretty sure it’s a girl.  IT’S A GIRL!

And then I laughed, because what else are you going to do when you’re strapped to a table with your guts being stapled together?