This post comes with a million disclaimers, most of which center around neither J nor I being professional photographers, a number of these photos taken via crappy cell phone, and the presence of my gigantic forehead.  It’s good I’m posting this on a Sunday night, because I might not have the nerve otherwise.

I thought I might try and recreate a timeline of what I looked like during this pregnancy, just to remind myself, and this kidlet, when he or she is misbehaving, that I did, INDEED, carry a human inside me, and the human in question should get to eating his dinner, and I’m not kidding this time.

Taken in Mexico, at around three months pregnant.  There’s not much to see just yet, but I remember that I was feeling like there was plenty to see.

This is mid-December, about 4 months, and there is FOR REALZ a little belly.  I was particularly happy to reach this point, because I felt like I was turning the corner on the “pregnant or fat” question.  As in, yes, there is something gestating in there, and no, it’s not a burrito.

Ahh!  Not only is it a cell phone picture, it’s a cell phone self-portrait!  Taken in mid-January, at the 20 week mark.  I am pretty sure this is the point where I started to think I was HUGE, every time I saw a photo of myself, and then every week I would be MORE HUGE.  Looking at this photo now, I think: DAMN, GURL, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

This was taken in my brother’s apartment in Brooklyn in late March (I have no idea what happened in February.  I was probably napping).  Something like 6 months-ish?  Jesus, I am so bad at this.

Taken in April, in my ratty nighty.  Look, I told you, this was going to be a post FULL of unprofessionalism. At this point I have three months left (by the calendar), which is 31 weeks pregnant.

And finally, this was taken yesterday in the backyard.  There I am 34w6d, which we can go ahead and call 35 weeks.  I am impressed by the size of this belly every time I catch sight of it in a mirror or store front.  The little alien inside is constantly on the move, although it is apparently getting to be quite tight in there.  We know from our last ultrasound that baby is head down, butt up, and feet planted firmly in ribs.

Can’t wait to meet you.