Well, technically, I suppose none of this news is fit for print, what with it being on the internet and all, but whatever.  Titles are not my forte.

Today is the first real day of my return to unemployment, although I stopped working officially on the 17th of last month.  The week following that I spent in preparation for the trip to Mexico, and then there was the New Year’s stuff (which I spent sitting on my ass watching Lost, asleep by 10pm) and then the weekend, so today is really the first ACTUAL, NO SHIT, first day of sitting around in my pajamas’ (a word I can never spell correctly, EVER) until unreasonable hours.

It has also been a couple of months since I had no work to go to, so I am finding myself a bit adrift at the moment- what to do with myself, and all that.  I am sure I will figure it out in no time, but for now I sort of shuffle aimlessly between the computer, the couch, and the kitchen, mostly stuffing shit into my piehole that has no business being there.

Now that I have set the scene for you, let’s get to it.

Update #1: J is working the night shift this month, which means she goes into work at 9:30pm and comes home at 8:30am, and I sleep diagonally across our bed.  In fact, RIGHT NOW she is sleeping until 6:30pm, and I am tiptoeing around our creaky house, and it’s a little strange that she’s here without really being here.  On the plus side, she only works this abysmal schedule four days a week, so there will be relatively more time to spend together, assuming I don’t get a job.

Update #2: this week we have both our last OB appointment and our first midwife appointment, and I am 16 weeks pregnant, and apparently the fetus is the size of a turnip (probably the most unattractive vegetable of all time).  This seems like the most boring part of pregnancy thus far because I can’t feel the baby moving, I still look fat instead of pregnant, and even if we wanted to know, we couldn’t find out what sex it is.  All this should be changing over the next month, so please wait with bated breath for my next thrilling update on the machinations of my insides.

Update #3: J told me a couple of weeks ago that my blog is pretty “complainy” which I took offense to, until I went back and read some of my past posts, and realized that indeed, I do like to complain.  In the spirit of complaining then, I will list the current things bothering the fuck out of me, mostly pregnancy related: peeing (like every fucking hour, all night, and I don’t care if this makes you think I am disgusting slob, I just cannot be bothered to wash my hands after every single fucking time, especially since the water takes a millennium to heat up).  Heartburn, mostly at night, but now also striking at random times like 10am!  Noon!  After drinking water!  Before drinking water!  If this baby comes out shaped like a TUMS tablet, you can blame me.  And headaches- low grade, more annoying than painful, and pretty much constant.  I cannot believe I have 7 more months of this.

And wait just a fucking second.  I got pregnant in late September, so let’s not even count it.  That leaves October, November, and December of 2010, which, if I can still count, is THREE months.  This baby is due at the end of June, which makes for 7 months to go.  THE MATH, IT’S NOT ADDING RIGHT.

Update #4: Whew.  Now that all that complaining is out of my system, let’s get down to the good stuff, which is that my baby brother’s wife had their baby on January 2nd.  Welcome to the world, Caetano Alexander!  Your awesome parents are documenting it all at their blog (http://downbythesealocks.wordpress.com/).  J and I cannot wait to meet him, which we are tentatively planning for April.

Update #5: I am not a resolution sort of gal, what with the ease of breaking them, so I think I’ll just call them wishes for 2011, and keep them pretty simple.  Grow and birth this baby.  Keep it alive.  Comment more on blogs, even if I think what I’m saying is dumb.  Write more.  Give others the benefit of the doubt.

Thank you all for reading, commenting, and paying me some attention.  Best wishes for an excellent 2011.