I can’t believe I’m about to admit this, seeing as how admitting is tantamount to failing, in my esteemed opinion,  but just for kicks, I am going to try and see if I can post every day this week.  I can’t promise the topics will be as scintillating as my regular fare (as if), but I basically wanna see if I can do it.

So, in no particular order, the things that have been on my mind:

Money: ok, I think, to some degree, this is sort of always on everyone’s mind, to a lesser or greater extent, depending on whether you are say, the homeless man I see walking PCH near my house, or, on the other hand, Kim Kardashian.  We are currently surviving rather well on J’s nice salary plus the wee boost we get from this temp position, although that will be ending in December (the temp position, not J’s salary, God willing).   The two things looming on the horizon that make me worry a bit more about our cash flow is obviously the impending arrival of a wee squalling thing, and the fact that our rent will bump up $400 come June 1st.  The rent thing we can most likely handle, but the baby thing.  MAN.  That is a serious unknown, and frankly, I haven’t the slightest clue how much extra we need, or, because I like to worry about things extremely prematurely, how we’re possibly going to make a college fund for him/her.  I think need to start some sort of real, actual, no-shit budget, instead of the sort of vague idea I have about what I spend in a month.

ASIDE: I just had a tall glass of iced tea that must have been caffeinated to the nines, because my heart is POUNDING.  Switching to water, STAT.

Food: I guess I like to think of myself as a food-connoisseur (that is so much better than “foodie,” if a little unwieldy), in that I like fancy food, I (at least when I lived in Seattle) spent a fair chunk of my disposable income at restaurants with chefs with names and multiple courses and matched wines, and you get the picture.  This also means I read a fair bit about eating healthily and locally and organically, and now, well.  I seem to have developed the ability to taste the difference between supermarket beef and that organic, grass-fed stuff.  I know, I know, the HORRORS- but seriously- I cannot bring myself to buy meat of any kind at Ralph’s- there is no way good meat costs $1.99 a pound, and the same goes for produce.  Which means I shop for meat and seafood and produce at Whole Foods, which, while not without its own problems, is the better alternative, given that I live in an area where trekking out to the farm is a deeply unlikely scenario.

This Whole Paycheck shopping makes me more concerned about issue number one, above, but I just don’t see any changes coming in the food department, so the belt-tightening, it is going to have to take some other form.  Which… what, exactly?  We don’t eat out nearly as much, given that the nearest foodie-mecca is LA and HOLY FUCKING SHIT, only people who deeply hate themselves volunteer for that sort of traffic at dinner time.  I haven’t bought anything new to wear in ages, and you’ll have to pry my yoga membership from my cold, dead hands.  So… no Starbucks?  No cable?  No Chipotle?

Work: as my temp position draws to a close, I am wondering if I should look for full-time employment, like regular people do, or if, given that 6 months in I’ll be taking maternity leave, I should just wallow in the funemployment part of my last childless days.  Not working circles us right back to issue number one, so I suppose they’re all variations on a theme, which is DAMN, the grass over there is REALLY MOTHERFUCKING GREEN!

I think that’s about it.  Aren’t you thrilled to read three more posts as wonderful as this?