In news unrelated to my reproductive system, I appear to have gotten myself a job.  Like most things, it’s still in the very early stages, and talking about it on the fucking internet is most likely the surest way to make sure it all falls through, but apparently, I am a thrill seeker of this sort.

I went in this morning for what I thought was an interview, but instead turned out to be more like an orientation- the only question I was asked was what my salary requirements were.  Salary requirements?  Good man, I have been out of work for SEVEN MONTHS- my salary requirements are that one EXIST.  Well, not really, but we are lucky enough not to currently need another salary, although with what’s currently cooking in my uterus, that lucky streak might end a lot faster than we think.

My biggest concern about returning to work is, of course, the return of daily showering, a habit I dropped almost immediately upon quitting in March.  Other hurdles include business casual wear, pants in general, and not talking to my new co-workers as if they were my cats, namely all cutesy-like, inquiring if perhaps they’d like a snacky-wacky? Basically, all the things real adults do everyday.

This job is a temporary, contract position, but like all other contractors, I am hoping this puts me in front of all the right people, and I can parlay it into full-time employment, at least until Jr. gets here.  Which, given that the date of insemination is not dependent upon me remembering the last time I had sex, should be somewhere around June 19th (apparently, I can even find a way in post about working and money to insert some sort of uterus-related information).

I have to say, even with having to say goodbye to daily 10:30am yoga classes, I am sorta looking forward to being a productive member of society again (mostly because it gets me out of imposed dish duty).