Wow, y’all- thanks for all the kind words, both here and on Twitter.  We are obviously shitting our pants with excitement, and simultaneously freaking right the fuck out, because we have NO CLUE what we’re doing.

One of the perils (although I suppose you could look at it as a good thing too) of getting pregnant while gay (lesbian gay, that is) is that generally, you must use a fertility clinic for some assistance.  I suppose there are other methods too, but I didn’t see myself installing a liquid nitrogen tank in the laundry room, or having sex with an actual, live, human male, so the fertility clinic it is. The thing about the fertility clinic though, is that most of it’s patients are (I am assuming) dealing with some sort of infertility (I know, I am a genius).  I think this makes the doctor rather rigid in their approach to any insemination, regardless of the circumstances of the inseminatee (making up words is my forte).  So, upon my second ultrasound, when my follicle didn’t appear to be growing at the doctor’s preferred speed, he immediately started talking about fertility drugs, ovulation enhancement, and other pharmaceutical miracles I am super glad exist, though I wasn’t quite sure they were warranted in my case just yet (IN YOUR FACE, FERTILITY DOC.  I WAS RIGHT).

This means that yesterday, instead of jumping for joy at my positive blood test, I drove back to the clinic for the second time that day to get progesterone supplements, even though my levels were good according to the internet (and if it was on the internet, blah blah blah, you know the rest), but not high enough for the clinic.  Which made me wonder- do fertility clinics have different standard protocols for what constitutes an acceptable pregnancy than your average OB?  As this is my first pregnancy, I have no idea if I am high-risk or not, and I have no idea what numbers are reasonable, average, or OMFG START FREAKING NOW.

I am repeating my blood test tomorrow, and eventually an ultrasound to take a look at what’s going on in there, but I imagine at some point, they’re going to have to let me go, right?  This clinic does not offer obstetric services, so I’m going to have to go elsewhere for the rest of this thing, and in all the excitement about TRYING to get pregnant, I forgot to ask any questions about what might happen once I DID.  I’m thinking I’ll welcome the transition, because multiple doctors peering worriedly at my chart isn’t exactly soothing my nerves.

I’m also looking forward to some fucking insurance coverage, because exactly $0 of this process so far has been covered.  Now that I am a “normal” pregnant lady, however, Blue Shield has assured me that they will be picking up the tab.

In other news… well, honestly, there is no other news.  My brain has been on the All Uterus, All the Time Channel since early September, and I doubt it’s going to change any time soon.  I’ll try and make it funny.