To my darling J-

It has been a wee bit over a month since our shining weekend in Vancouver, where our friends and families gathered us up in a tight circle and we committed ourselves to each other while they watched, positively glowing with love and happiness.

I did not really think I’d feel that differently, before August 21st and after, but indeed, I do.

I did not think I could love you more, before August 21st and after, but I do.

I feel more grown-up: marriage is something grown-ups do, and having done it, I suppose that makes me one now, too.  But more than that- I feel responsible- I helped create this partnership, crafted it into its own entity, and I have to now protect it and nurture it, and to not take if for granted.  These are grown-up things, grown-up responsibilities.

As I said in my vows, being with you continues to be the easiest choice I make.  I feel both safely tethered and impossibly free- home is where you are, even as you send me out on my own adventures.

A million more months like this could never be enough.