Oh my LORD, I just don’t think it will be possible to accurately recap my wedding weekend, because it was too gloriously beautiful for words to do it justice.  It was both exactly as I had envisioned- meaning that indeed, waiters in formal wear passed around trays of champagne, the dance floor was packed from the moment the music started, and the food was, by all accounts spectacular, even if I didn’t get my hands on much of it- and completely and totally surprising, in that I did not expect to experience such a depth of emotion, to be so overwhelmed with affection, or for the weather in Vancouver to be postcard picture perfect.

I spent more time trying not to sob than I thought I would, and my cheeks did, in fact, ache from smiling.  It passed in a blur, even though there are moments in particular that stand out- most notably the part where I kept repeating to myself not to lock my knees, lest I drop in a dead faint in front of my entire family.

Pictures, a thousand words, you get the idea:





Absolute Love of my Life:

Wedding Fist-Bump!