This morning’s yoga class was a total dud, at least from my perspective, because we spent the large majority of the 90 minutes session just sitting there, breathing.  I know, I KNOW, that at its essence, that’s all that yoga really IS, but by the same token, I like to be honest with myself and admit that there’s no need for me to pay in the vicinity of $20 a session to sit on my ass and have some woman instruct me on the art of breathing (there’s not a lot I’m good at, but BREATHING?  Got it down COLD).  I like my yoga sweaty and trembly; where “savasana” is literally the sweet relief of death.

The class, did, however, have some redemptive value.  Our instructor opened with a reading that described yoga as the practice of focus; of concentration; of removing the flurry out outward influences in order to be more fully present in the moment, or in whatever goal we might set for ourselves.  This reading got me to thinking (see?  I am constitutionally INCAPABLE of clearing my mind of thoughts- one thing leads to another, and before you know it, I’ve composed a blog post while I should have been BREATHING) that I could set a goal for myself if I wanted.  I could decide to do something, and have it work out, if I really wanted to.

SO.  That was actually part two of my thought process, and since I like to tell my stories in reverse chronological order, I’ll now proceed to tell you part the first, and then, with a little luck, we’ll tie all this shit together in a neat package at the end.

So, if you’re a lady on the internet, you’ve probably heard of BlogHer, and the associated conference, which took place in New York CITAY just this past weekend. Honestly, in years past, the three-week long run up to the conference, with posts about what to wear and who to see and how to survive and what shoes to wear, not to mention the shitstorm of faux-drama that followed the conference made the whole thing seem deeply UNAPPEALING. And while this year’s run up flurry of how-to posts was just as long, the overall vibe I got as an outsider looking in was… intrigued.  And as the pictures from the events start cropping up on Flickr, the whole thing is starting to look… APPROACHABLE.

And so, I thought to myself, while outwardly appearing to be communing with my breath and body and soul, *I* could go to BlogHer 2011.  I After all, I have A BLOG and am A LADY, which makes me feel reasonably certain that I qualify as a potential attendee of such an event.

AND THEN.  I looked at the BlogHer site, and lo and behold, the 2011 conference is located in San Diego, a scant two hour drive from my current location.  And then the conference fee didn’t seem too radically expensive, so I thought to myself (still BREATHING), I SHALL GO.

So, in order to further justify my attendance at BlogHer, I’d like to set the following intention (something else we do in yoga, and incidentally, mine is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, stay present on the mat, as otherwise I compose blog posts, letters to the editor, grocery lists, or other flights of fancy).  I’d like to write a minimum of a post a week between now and next August.  For those of you reading out there (and I think there are something like 2 of you), I hope you’ll enjoy the (at least) 52 new posts I’ll bring you in the coming year.

I can’t promise quality, but I’ll give it my best shot.